Hello! My name is Marko Vukonic
and I'm a Java Developer.
If so far you haven't noticed, IT revolution is currently underway in the world :-)
Global technology companies have become the most valuable companies in the world, and people with IT skills who work in these companies are main actors who shape the new world.
I had a choice. I could watch this revolution from the sidelines, or I could take part in it and work in its very center.
it.hub Europe has helped me and my colleagues from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia to find work in some of the world best IT companies.
I have made a change, and now i can make a real difference.
How we can help you.
  1. We connect you
    Our mission is to connect great IT people with great IT companies. With our reputation and experience we can connect you with some of the world's best IT Companies for best jobs.
  2. We help you to prepare
    We are helping you to prepare for your best presentation in front of the Employers. Once you get a job, we will help you to settle into the new environment.
  3. Our experience helps
    Together with our associates, we have enabled many IT talents, especially from Southeast Europe to find their place in the best companies.
  4. We speak your language
    Many of our team members speak the languages of the former Yugoslavia countries, which further facilitates our understanding.
  5. Work and fun
    Yes, it’s “work”, but there is no reason not to enjoy what we do on a day to day basis. We are getting things done, but cooperation with us is easy and fun.
  6. Consultations
    We are here for you 24/7 and you can consult us for questions regarding your career change and accomodation in your new working and life enviroment.
About us.

it.hub Europe is network of IT hubs in the worlds IT centers that connect talents from all over the Europe in the field of information technology with some of the world's top IT companies. We enable you to participate in the IT revolution at its very centers and to realize all your potential, capabilities and goals.
Current Job Opportunities.
If there are currently no positions you are interested in, or for which you are qualified, and you have the IT skills, you can apply to the form at the bottom of this page or send your CV to e-mail: dublin@it-hub.eu
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